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Hexgreave Estate has a very long history with the name going back at least seven centuries with the earliest written record being Boscus de Hekkesgrave in 1240.

Camp Hill in the north east quadrant of the estate is believed to have been constructed in Roman times, in 1941 the earthworks were excavated and Roman pottery remains found on site.

The present hall is estimated to be have been built between 1750 and 1760 but substantially altered by the late addition of the present (front) elevation. The woods around the park may have been first planted towards the end of that century.

In 1255 Hexgreave was gifted as a deer park to the Archbishop of York but in more recent times it has been home to Sir Stuart Goodwin a Sheffield Steel magnate and the man who saved golf’s Ryder Cup and Sir John Eastwood, who "fed the nation” by making chicken an affordable meat.

Most recently, the Estate was purchased by Tony Strawson in 1996 and included Hexgreave Hall and several old cottages.

A complete refurbishment has since regenerated Hexgreave into a busy business park. Currently home to 23 businesses operating from 15,000 square feet of office space and 7 live/work properties.

With our own district heating system to provide heat for all the properties using willow grown on the estate and farms and capacity to generate over 100KW of electricity from solar panels, we have included sustainable and ecological design solutions where possible.

We have meeting rooms and a coffee shop on site and regularly engage with the wider community hosting charitable events, races and meetings.

We employ full time grounds staff to maintain the estate and ancient parkland, home to our herd of red deer, the estate is in the High Level Stewardship Scheme.

We are proud to be winners of The Rural Business Awards Most Outstanding Rural Diversification project for 2015.

Coffee Shop

The once old boiler room has been transformed into a bright new coffee shop!

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Proud winners at The Rural Business Awards 2015 for the most outstanding rural diversification project