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We aim to make our website's content and features available to all users. This includes navigating around the site, filling in online forms and understanding content.

With this in mind, we ensure our site is accessible to as many people as possible by following these web design best practice:

  • Present navigation and page structure consistently across the whole website
  • Use headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, lists and other standard HTML tags to create a semantically-meaningful document. In particular, this enables screen reading software to "understand" a page's content
  • Allow users to resize text themselves, using standard browser controls. A user can also use our font size selector to change the size of text on the screen
  • Using alt text and titles on images (where appropriate)
  • Ensure hyperlinks use descriptive and meaningful text
  • Provide access keys to allow keyboard navigation across the website
  • Create the website without using HTML tables, except where we present tabulated content e.g. tables of data
  • Use a sans-serif font for easier readability


Accesskeys allow the user to interact with our website's navigation menu by using their computer's keyboard. As far as possible, the accesskeys used on our website conform with the recommended UK Government accesskeys standard. The accesskeys for this website are:

Access keys used on this website
Key Page
s Skip to content
0 Accessibility information
3 Sitemap
1 Home

If you are using Internet Explorer on a Windows-based system, you should press the Alt key and the relevant accesskey.

If you are using Firefox on a Windows-based system, you should press the Ctrl and Alt key together and then the relevant accesskey.

If you are using an Apple Mac system, please press the Ctrl key and the relevant accesskey.

Browser Upgrades

We endeavour to make our website compatible with all browsers. However, if you are using an older browser, you may see inconsistencies in the presentation of pages. It may help you to download a newer version of a browser to improve your general Internet experience.

The following are available to download for free:

Coffee Shop

The once old boiler room has been transformed into a bright new coffee shop!

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