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Hexgreave Hall is proud to set itself apart from the rest with our vision to care for our environment. We proactively protect our environment with long term plans for maintenance, refurbishment and capital improvement programmes. This applies to both the buildings within the estate and the grounds within which we are located.

All buildings are continuously evaluated with our extensive management programme to maintain them to the highest standards including the need to keep up to date with new technologies so that you the client has all the tools to be successful at Hexgreave. In excess of £2m has been spent which has seen the Hall transformed into a hi-tech business centre, combining original features such as fireplaces, oak beams and cornices, with the latest communications technologies.

The outdoor environment is extremely important to Hexgreave and its customers. The herd of Red Deer, re-introduced to Hexgreave in 2002, makes a magnificent sight in all seasons. Other wildlife includes the Woodpecker, Buzzards, Kestrels, Owls, Squirrels, Rabbits and Stoats. The grounds are maintained by our own team of groundsmen such that nature flourishes and our clients may enjoy their working and living surroundings to the full.

The forward thinking philosophy of Hexgreave Hall prompted us to develop an environmentally friendly heating system in the form of our own wood burning boiler. Willow is grown and coppiced on the estate which then provides fuel for the boiler which operates a District Heating System to supply heat to 8 separate properties.

But the fast growing willow crop serves a dual purpose since crops such as potatoes are also grown on the Estate. The potato crop has to be washed before it can be sold – producing large quantities of dirty water. The willow, on the other hand, needs a lot of water so it is irrigated using the used water from the potato washing plant. The willow filters the dirty water naturally before it goes underground, creating a win-win situation. But it doesn't stop there, because the willow is then used to heat the offices and homes at Hexgreave.

But that is not the end of the environmental good practice at Hexgreave. The Estate works with the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, which encourages landowners to farm in an environmentally beneficial way such as leaving a wide margin around the edge of all fields to encourage wildlife.

Hexgreave Hall also works with the Farming Wildlife Advisory Group and the RSPB on the best way to encourage more wildlife onto the Estate. This has included planting wild bird feeding areas - usually sunflowers - in corners of the estate situated near woodland and the lake.

Coffee Shop

The once old boiler room has been transformed into a bright new coffee shop!

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Proud winners at The Rural Business Awards 2015 for the most outstanding rural diversification project